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Nani's Potion

Wood Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Wood Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

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Wood Pressed Oil
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Introducing our remarkable Extra Virgin Wood Pressed Coconut Oil – a natural treasure for your kitchen. Crafted from the finest coconuts through a chemical free process, this oil is pure, unrefined, and brimming with essential nutrients. Our unique extraction method preserves the coconut's innate goodness, providing you with a heart-healthy choice.

This oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), antioxidants, and vital vitamins, without a trace of cholesterol or trans fats. Beyond its health benefits, it lends a delightful tropical flavour to your cooking, baking, and frying. You can even use it as a wholesome substitute for butter or margarine in your recipes. What's more, it's a fantastic moisturiser for both your skin and hair. For a healthier, more delicious culinary experience, make our Extra Virgin Wood Pressed Coconut Oil a part of your kitchen today.

Why Choose Us
  • Healthy Diet Support

    It contains capric, caprylic, and lauric acids that contribute to a feeling of fullness, reducing overall food intake and promoting a healthier diet.

  • Energy Boost

    The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in our oil provide a natural and sustained energy boost.

  • Immunity Support

    Lauric acid, a prominent component, excels at combating bacteria and viruses, making it a valuable ally in fortifying your immune system.

  • Natural Aroma and Taste

    Our wood-pressed method maintains the oil's natural aroma and distinct taste, elevating your culinary creations.

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  • Best Quality Groundnut Sourced from Farmers for Oil Extraction at Nani's Potion

    Step 1

    Finding the best sourced ingredients

    It all starts from finding the best quality ingredients. We are strong believers of using best available local ingredients and buying directly from the farmers. It helps us ensure top quality products for our oil.

  • Weighing Groundnut before Oil Extraction at Nani's Potion

    Step 2

    Washing and weighing

    The ingredients are brought from the market to our to our facility to be washed thoroughly after which they are dried under the sun. Before pouring the raw materials into the wood press machine, we weigh each batch. It helps us to keep a track of how much output we get at the end of the day.

  • Crushing of Oilseeds in Kachhi Ghani or Kolhu at Nani's Potion

    Step 3

    Extraction of oil

    The raw materials are poured into the wood press machine which rotates at low rpm and helps in extracting the oil at room temperature itself. The raw materials are not subjected to any increase in temperature or pressure. This technique helps to retain as much plant matter as possible and increases the amount of MUFA, PUFA and antioxidants.

  • Filtering Oil using Cotton Cloth at Nani's Potion

    Step 4


    The extracted oil is passed through a fine mesh filter and then stored in a sterile stainless steel container for further sedimentation. These steps help in obtaining a clear and chemical free natural oil.

  • Step 5


    The extracted oil is the poured into glass bottles and packed in our eco-friendly, plastic free box and shipped to your house so that you can enjoy the cleanest possible natural oil for you and your family :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional refined oils undergo extraction via chemical solvents and high speed grinding, generating temperatures up to 100°C, leading to taste and nutritional degradation. This method produces trans fats, unsuitable for heart health.

In contrast, our cold-pressed oils are extracted by pressing and grinding seeds below 50°C. Although slower, this method preserves natural flavors, aromas, and nutritional properties. These oils are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial fats, supporting a healthy heart.

The equipment used in the processes of cold pressing and wood pressing differs significantly. At Nani’s Potion, our unique approach involves utilizing machinery crafted entirely from wood, distinguishing us as one of the select few producing authentic Khani Ghani oil.

Throughout history, wood pressing has involved a machinery setup consisting of a sizable drum and a shaft, demanding significant time and effort for the extraction process. The slow churning in these wooden presses preserved the nutrients as the temperatures generated were absorbed by the wooden parts made from Indian babul tree. This method gave rise to the term 'cold-pressed oils' as the heat was isolated from the seeds.

However, this process had limitations. Despite yielding high-quality products, it was time-consuming and produced limited output, making it less economically viable.

To increase production, wooden presses were modified to incorporate steel components. Although this allowed for larger quantities, the use of steel generated more heat, which affected the seeds. These modified presses didn’t meet the criteria for 'cold-pressed oils' due to the excess heat.

Modern oil pressing machines are entirely made of steel, producing significantly more oil but at the cost of destroying heat-sensitive nutrients and reducing the oil's shelf life. Oils not cold pressed tend to spoil quickly due to this process, and the heat further diminishes the antioxidants and minerals in the oil.

Nani's Potion proudly presents top-tier oils, cold-pressed within wooden Kolhu by meticulously crushing raw seeds or nuts to extract oil through pressure. Our oils follow the "First pressed" approach, ensuring a single crushing and pressing of the seeds or nuts. These oils remain unrefined, unbleached, and wholly natural.

This method of extraction safeguards the genuine flavors, aromas, and vital antioxidants and nutrients present in the oils. It preserves their original properties, making them ideal for both culinary and skincare purposes. The premium quality of cold-pressed oils justifies their higher cost, mainly because of the chemical and heat-free extraction process. However, this meticulous process yields lower output, contributing to the higher pricing of these oils.

Yes, you can use coconut oil for oil pulling. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory that help control oral problems.