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Nani's Potion

Wood Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Wood Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

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Wood Pressed Oil
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Beneficial for heart health

Beneficial for gut bacteria

Beneficial for skin and hair

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids

Provides quick boost of energy

Promotes regular bowel movements

Has natural sunscreen properties

How do people use our wood-pressed Mustard oil?


To cook various delicious meals


Used in baking  


As natural moisturiser for dry skin


As natural sun protection, helps prevent sun damage


To reduce skin condition and inflammation  

What’s in it ?

Coconut Meat:

Extracted from coconut flesh.


Used in the extraction process.

Lauric Acid:

Promotes heart health.

Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs):

Easily metabolised for quick energy.


Protects against free radicals, offering health benefits.

Our Process

Step 1 - Finding the best sourced ingredients:

It all starts from finding the best quality ingredients. We are strong believers of using the best available local ingredients and buying directly from the farmers. It helps us ensure top quality products for our oil.

Step 2 - Washing and weighing:

The ingredients are brought from the market to our facility to be washed thoroughly after which they are dried under the sun. Before pouring the raw materials into the wood press machine, we weigh each batch. It helps us to keep a track of how much output we get at the end of the day.

Step 3 - Extraction of Oil:

The raw materials are poured into the wood press machine which rotates at low rpm and helps in extracting the oil at room temperature itself. The raw materials are not subjected to any increase in temperature or pressure. This technique helps to retain as much plant matter as possible and increases the amount of MUFA, PUFA and antioxidants.

Step 4 - Filtering:

The extracted oil is passed through a fine mesh filter and then stored in a sterile stainless steel container for further sedimentation. These steps help in obtaining a clear and chemical free natural oil.

We Are Safe!

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  • 100% pure

  • Unprocessed

  • Free from additives

  • Nutrient Rich

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Why Choose Us?

  • Coconut meat               
  • Wood-pressed
  • Rich in medium-chain, unsaturated fats
  • Contains Vitamin E, antioxidants  
  • Chemical-free extraction process 
  • Traditional and eco-friendly production methods
  • Potentially higher due to quality 
  • Various seeds, lower quality   
  • Conventional methods, potential use of chemicals
  • Variable, may contain higher saturated fats
  • Limited, may lack nutritional value
  • May contain additives or preservatives 
  • May involve more industrial processes
  • Lower, reflecting lower production costs

What our customers say?

"Finally, a coconut oil I can trust! Nani's Potion Virgin Coconut Oil is pure bliss. The tropical flavor adds magic to my dishes, and it's great for my hair too!"

Rahul K

"Impressed by the quality and authenticity of Nani's Potion Coconut Oil. It's become an essential part of my daily routine. Love it!"


"I've tried many coconut oils, but none compare to Nani's Potion. The wood-pressed extraction method truly preserves its goodness. A must-have for every household!"


"Nani's Potion Coconut Oil is a lifesaver! From cooking to skincare, it's versatile and pure. So glad I discovered it!"


"Nani's Potion Coconut Oil is the real deal. The natural aroma and taste make all the difference in my recipes. Highly recommend it!"


"Nani's Potion Coconut Oil is a kitchen essential for me. The purity and quality are top-notch, and it's perfect for both cooking and personal care. Love it!"